Apple Wallet powered Business Cards

Make Your Own Apple Wallet Powered Business Card

Never run out of or forget to have business cards with you, just open a pass on your phone and let people scan a qr code.

Make your own business card.

  • Step 1: Enter your contact information that you want to share
  • Step 2: Preview your contact information
  • Step 3: Add the card to Apple Wallet
  • Step 4: Share your info by opening your Apple Wallet Card and let people scan your QR code

This is the modern way to share your contact information and no more need to carry business cards. Just create a pass that you add to your phone and then just display the pass and let people you meet scan the QR code to add you to their contacts.

Make Your Card

Enter your contact information to get started and then go to the next section to make the Apple Wallet Card. Come back to this page at any time to update your card.

First Name is required for a valid contact card
Last Name is required for a valid contact card
Email is required for a valid contact card
A Phone Number is required for a valid contact card

Add to Apple Wallet

Scan the QR code to test the contact card and then add the pass to Apple Wallet.

Add to Apple Wallet Card

Preview Your Business Card

Example Apple Wallet Card

Once the card is added to Apple Wallet, share your contact information by opening the card and others scan the QR Code to add your details to their Contacts.

Test your QR Code

Try it Out

Example Contact Card

Scan the QR code to see how your information will appear when people add you to their contacts. If you are on your phone, borrow another device or you can download the contact card instead...